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Modern Italian food with a deep-rooted spirit of the traditional methods and flavours. A place where vibrant Woodstock meets the soul of great Italian food. Fratelli Palmieri is a restaurant and bar where friends, colleagues and family come to together to celebrate life, la dolce vita! It offers a contemporary styled space with an industrial look and feel, finding a perfect home within Woodstock Quarter.

There's More : Also Coming in 2020, the completion of the Roof Top Private Bar

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  • The road to Fratelli Palmieri wq

  • 1995 - The Brothers Join Forces

    Brothers Paolo and Marco Palmieri Come together to Start a Catering Business based at the ICCT.

  • Their Business Grows - 2000's.

    From humble beginings the restaurant grows to a 250 seater. The Team begins in house and outside catering for functions, with the addition of a catering contract at the Greek Club and boasts a full house at the I|CCT Restaurant on weekends with music and dancing .

  • 2020 - Time for Change

    With the arrival of COVID-19 world wide and the changes to life it brought along with it, a need change of direction was required.

  • branching out

  • Nino's Panini Canal Walk - 1999

    The Brothers teamed up to Open a Flagship store for the Nino's Panini group. This was later sold to focus on a more Niche offereing.

  • 2002 - 7 @ 6 , Clock Tower , Waterfront

    All three Brothers team up for the start up for a Local Fine dining Restaurant at the Clock Tower Waterfront.

  • Euro Catering Services - 2005

    The Focus for Marco Changes to Importing Italian Food Products which are sought after in SA

  • 2020-Wood Stock Quarter

    The Brothers Join forces again with a Focus on Modern Italian food with a deep-rooted spirit of the traditional methods and flavours. Nov 2020

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Operating Hours
We have Altered our times in Line with Lock Down Level 4 Mon 07:00am to 18:00pm
Tue - Sat 07:00am to 20:00pm
Sun - 08:000am to 16:000pm

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